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Download our upcoming Safari schedule

4:00 pm Check-in at Auberge Montebello, Montebello, QC   http://www.aubergemontebello.ca/
6:00 pm       Cocktail reception (with a choice of white or red wine, beer or soft drink – 2 drinks/participant included). Opportunity for us to get acquainted.
7:00 pm      

Dinner in the Auberge ‘Le Rouge 20’ Dining Room (3-course meal from the Table d’Hôte’s menu offering 5 choices of main courses).  

Dinner will be followed by a short slideshow presentation in the meeting room reserved for our group for the duration of our stay at the Auberge. 
Following the slideshow, we will review security rules regarding our visits to Omega Park. All participants will be required to sign a Waiver of Liability. We will also discuss the best approach to photograph the different animals we will see during our Photo Safari. If time permits, a second slideshow will follow on ‘African Wildlife’.
30 minutes before sunrise

Everyone meets in the lobby in order to fill our mugs with fresh coffee. Afterwards, we board the minivans on our way to Omega Park for our 1st morning shoot (a 10-minute drive). Please note: Transportation to all activities will be provided for the duration of the Photo Safari.

Croissants, yogurt, fruits, juices, bottled water etc. will be available while we are out shooting.

9:00 am       Full hot breakfast (4 choices available) will be served at the Auberge followed by a one-hour break (shower, image download & battery charging etc.)
11:00 am

Everyone meets in the lobby then we're off for a stroll in the village in order to capture the quaintness of this very photogenic and typical French Canadian village.

1:00 pm

Lunch at the Auberge Dining Room (3-course meal, with a choice of 2 main courses), followed by another break (download and relax time).

3:30 pm We all meet in front of the Auberge then depart for Omega Park for an afternoon shoot.
7:30 pm Dinner at the Auberge Dining Room.
After dinner we all convene again in the meeting room to share and exchange our day’s experience, photos etc. with each other.  Everyone is invited to bring up to 5 images taken so far which will be displayed on screen and critiqued by all. Since the Photo Safari is open to all levels of photographers, please keep your critiques at the ‘constructive’ level. I truly believe there is always something good to say about an image.
30 minutes before sunrise Everyone meets in the lobby for a refill of fresh coffee and off we go to Omega Park for our 2nd morning shoot. Croissants etc. will again be available while we are out shooting.
9:30 am Breakfast at the Auberge followed by a one-and-a-half-hour break.
12:00 pm  Everyone meets in the lobby (a box lunch will be provided) then we’re off to the Plaisance waterfalls (a 20-minute drive) where you will have the opportunity to shoot 63-metre high waterfalls. Don’t forget your tripod and neutral density filters if you would like to capture ‘milky’ waters.
3:00 pm We all meet up at the vans for our drive back to the Auberge for a bit of R&R until we depart at
4:00 pm leave for Omega Park for a 2nd late afternoon shoot.
7:30 pm Dinner at the Auberge Dining Room followed by our last get together in the meeting room to view and critique today’s images.
30 minutes before sunrise

Everyone meets in the lobby for a refill of fresh coffee and off we go once again for our 3rd morning shoot at Omega Park. Croissants etc. will again be available while we are out shooting.

9:00 am Breakfast at the Auberge, then time to say goodbye already!
Please note:  If any of the participants would like to return to Omega Park for some more shooting after check-out (11:00 am) from the Auberge, you are welcome to do so since the daily admission to the Park is already covered in the all-inclusive package.
It’s very important for you to notify me if you wish to go back to the Park. I will need to advise the Park’s administration accordingly and provide them with your license plate number to guarantee your free access to the Park. You will have to obey the ‘official park rules' however during that last visit since the Park will then be opened to the public and no one is allowed out of their car except in specific locations.
Optional shoot at Parc Plaisance:
Another location worth visiting if time allows you is Parc Plaisance, Quebec’s newest provincial parks, located about 20 minutes from Montebello (towards Ottawa). If anyone is interested in joining me you are welcome to do so and I will cover the entry fee. Please advise me at breakfast! Your vehicle could be left at the Auberge until our return or parked on location.
Info on Parc Plaisance (from their website):
“The Park's very name conjures up the peacefulness of its landscape, with its many bays, islands, peninsulas as well as the multicoloured tapestry of its aquatic grass beds. In Spring, Plaisance offers a breathtaking spectacle of one hundred thousand Canada geese; in Summer, it is a paradise for ducks, herons, ospreys and dozens of other species. Visitors will adore the exquisite breeze of Rivière des Outaouais as it ripples through the grasses of Petite Presqu'île, not far from the campground. Parc national de Plaisance, the latest addition to Québec's national park network, is yours to discover.”



All images and content copyright - Diane Skinner